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The mission of The Elijah-Alavi Foundation is deeply personal and resonates with many who have been touched by our efforts to honor Elijah's memory. We are steadfast in our commitment to raising awareness and fostering safety for those affected by food allergies and asthma. Join us in this heartfelt journey—stand with us, share Elijah's story, and contribute to spreading awareness and safety. Your support can make a profound difference in communities nationwide. Let’s unite to keep Elijah's spirit alive through impactful change. Connect with us today and help us continue this vital work. Your involvement is crucial; together, we can save lives and build safer environments for everyone.

Elijah Alavi-Foundation Inc.

348 W 57th St., Suite #276

New York, NY 10019

1(835) 204-3426



Registered Charity: 501 (c) (3)

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